Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Day the Cafeteria Blew Up

So, our cafeteria exploded on Wednesday.

This led to the whole school being dismissed early because if you can’t feed a Samoan, you might as well send him home. Lol.

Per usual, my kids knew of these happenings before I did and the conversation second period went something like this:
Student: Miss, are we getting out early?
Me: What?
Student: We are getting out early.
Me: What?
Student: The cafeteria EXPLODED.
Me: WHAT?!

Of course, the cafeteria did not literally explode, but my English as Second Language students couldn’t quite find the right words for “The septic tank backed up and now the oil and grease runoff from the kitchen is coming out of the faucets and up out of the drains in the floor.” So, it turned into “Miss, the cafeteria EXPLODED.” Which works.

So, anyway, about half way through second period, the news came on the brand spanking new intercoms (we are all, teachers and students alike, still very amused by the intercoms) that we would be dismissed early because of an “incident” in the cafeteria. After that, it was impossible to keep my kids under control, so I just helped the few that needed help with their study guides and let the others celebrate. It was definitely the most interesting reason for dismissing school early that I have ever experienced.

Speaking of the study guides, I gave me very first test of the year this week, in Earth Science. Before I curved it, not a single one of my kids got an A on the test. I was trying to figure out why, and I think the blame lies both with me and my students. On one hand, some of the students that did poorly never take notes, don’t do homework and are generally lazy. On the other hand, I think I overestimated my students’ ability to speak English. From the clarification questions I got during the test, their English is actually a lot worse than I realized, and I should have known that. So, somehow I have to make these multiple choice questions in simpler English. But still, many of them didn’t even TRY to do the essay, and I had several questions that they needed to draw diagrams for, and they didn’t even try with those either. So, I will shoulder the responsibility for the poor grades of the kids that I know are trying really hard but just can’t understand half of my words. But I will not take the blame for those kids that I know haven’t put much effort at all into getting a good grade. Hopefully, their failing this test will be the wakeup call they need to get on the ball. We shall see.

We had “parties” in most of my classes today, since we just had a test and it’s Friday. And let’s be honest, even though I’m the teacher, I didn’t really feel like doing anything either. So we had a dance contest in two of my periods, which was hilarious and I’m really going to try to post the video of. Also, my students showed me the haka, or war dance, and it was awesome.

While Abby and I were in my room eating lunch, this happened:

Student I don’t have but vaguely recognize runs into my classroom and throws himself in a desk, breathing heavily.
Me: “Um, what are you doing?”
Student: “I’m running from that guy. He’s trying to kill me.”
Me: “Why is he trying to kill you?”
Student: “I threw a rock at his head.”
Me (at this point in my time in Samoa, totally unsurprised by this confession): “Why did you throw a rock at his head?”
Student: “I hate him.”
Me: “Uh-huh. Get out of my room.”

I mean, in a way, it’s kind of refreshing that everything is so cut and dry. Why did you throw a rock at him? I hate him. Simple, to the point, and extremely honest. These kind of things happen all the time here, so I wasn’t even mad at this kid or disgusted by him, I just wanted to eat my lunch in peace, so I ousted him.

These sorts of occurrences seem to be the norm here. In fact, my very worst behaving student, the one I actively can’t stand, did something violent to a construction worker on campus, and is apparently expelled now. I hear he also threw a rock, but I’m not sure if that is accurate. But this was his last chance, and he’s supposedly out for good. I can’t say I feel too sad. Without him, my first period devil class, the one I cry about sometimes, is SO MUCH BETTER BEHAVED. It’s like he brought the worst out in them. Of course, I saw him on the way home from school, and he said he’ll be back next week, even though the VP said he’s out. We’ll see next week, I guess.

I have to say, I love my kids. Even if they are little hooligans.
For you viewing enjoyment:

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