Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deranged Clowns and Classroom Burglers...

So, I got to school on Monday, and Quinn informed me that someone had broken into her room. I went to my room, and sure enough, someone had come in through the window and out through the door (it locks from the inside). What did they steal from Quinn? Hand sanitizer. What did they steal from me?

Hand sanitizer.

Yeah. Obviously, the world's most germophobic thieves busted into our rooms this weekend. Here's a pic of my room, since I realized I haven't shown one.

Anyway, they stole a few other things too, like a box of markers and a random picture of one of my students. They left the dollar in my drawer, and they left my telephone alone. They left Quinn's brand new Mac computer, but stole her construction paper. Random.

Anyway. Another interesting thing that happened already this week is that I had my first, actual, honest to goodness, no holds barred fight in my classroom. It was between one of my favorite students and one of my least favorite. My favorite said something about the other's village, and that's all it took, it was on. I was disappointed in my fave, but mostly I was just irritated because it interrupted my class. I referred them both and they are both suspended. Good times, good times.

Also yesterday (it was a day for the record books), I went to the boys futsol (indoor soccer) game and while checking out the Samoan National Team playing at the beach across the road, a stray ball came flying from the high school game I was supposed to be watching and nailed me right in the face. (No comments about balls nailing in my face, believe me, I heard them already. Mostly from my Vice Principal. lol) Anyway, my lip is a little swollen, but it doesn't look too bad. Mostly it was just fodder for the Samoans to laugh at me (they love stuff like that.)

Coach Abby (did I mention Abby is the Futsol coach) and her team:

So, this week is Spirit Week at ol' Leone High School. Yesterday was Ghost Day. I dressed all in white (as you would, to be a ghost), and all my students told me I looked like I was going to church. Apparently Samoan ghosts wear black. Whatevs.

These are ghosts:

Personally, I think they look like deranged clowns. Or members of KISS. But that may just be me.

Today was Hippie Day. Most of my students had no idea what a hippie was. I told a lot of the boys that their usual hairstyle (afro to the max) would suffice for hippie day. Some of them took my advice and looked straight up 70s Soul. It was awesome. One of my students took Hippie Day a little too literally and showed up high to class. I didn't turn tthe student in, but really, student? Don't smoke in school. You might get caught. Oy.

Anyway, stay tuned for the rest of Spirit Week: Wednesday Prom Day, Thursday Jersey Day, and Friday Multicolor Day.

Also: One of my students wore this to class. Because I am sometimes not the best role model, I thought it was super funny, and took a picture instead of making him take it off. I should have tried to take it, so I could wear it and maybe stop all the "Miss, do you have stapler?" and "Miss, do you have a marker?" and"Miss, do you have minutes on your phone?" and "Miss, do you have a patridge in a pear tree?" Just a thought.

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