Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Samoan-est Day of Them All

All the seniors are gone today for a field trip to the Fono (Congress type thing), so I just have some free time, which is great, especially since I haven't been feeling the greatest. I think my body is really trying to fight something off. Anyway, I thought I'd take this time, and take advantage of the school's fast internet, to post some pictures from Samoan Day.

Samoan Day is a day that the students spend a month practicing for, where they do their traditional dances and 'ava ceremony and cook traditional food like pulesami and taro. Seriously, for an entire month, we missed an hour of class to practice, and then the last two weeks we missed two hours a day. It was madness. I was a sophomore class advisor, and I really think they had the best dance. But the seniors won it (they always do). I'm okay with that, because I love the seniors.

It was pretty much the best day ever. It was so cool to see all the kids in something other than their school uniforms, and also to see them in their traditional wear. Of course, Samoan high schoolers hit the 12th grade and start looking like their are 25, my mom saw some of these pictures, and was like, "who are those Samoan men you are with?" I'm like, "Um...Mom. Those are my students.

Anyway. Pictures. (Some of these are not mine, but credit belongs to Fausaga, one of the seniors, and Abby, my roommate.)

The seniors boys. The kid with the fro and the red marks on his face is Aladdin, one of my favorite seniors.

Senior boys again

Paulo, one of my juniors.

Junior boys. Students that I have in this photo are Mark (with the braids), Lauaki (in the front with the red marks), and Jeff (tall kid in the back.)

Petelo in the front and Elama in the back, my juniors.

He with the fro is Eneliko, and the kid with the ipod just chillaxing beside him is Rafe. They are two of my seniors. The girl on the right is Lynn, also my senior.

Noke. Not one of my students, but we're pals. He hangs out in my room a lot.

Peni, one of my faves. (I know you're not supposed to say that, but we've all got 'em.)

Sophomore girls. Don't they look beautiful?

Peni and Fale, showing off their muscles.

Joseph and Gabriel, tow of my most cheeky juniors. They wanted to get this picture by this "ride" as they called it.

Esera and Paisano from left to right. I don't have Esera, but I sub for his class a lot. Paisano is one of my seniors.

Me and some of my boys. This is the picture my mom decided was "inappropriate." I'm like, "What, this isn't what the students wear at your school?" lol.

Sophomores for the win!

Anyway. I've already made a kid clean up the mess from his coconut he was drinking from, and had to confiscate a ukulele from another kid who wouldn't stop playing it. It's shaping up to be one of those This is Samoa days.

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