Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lost Blog Posts, Part I

Hey hey hey!

So, remember how I was all, "Oh, I'll totally write this summer and keep you all up to date on my life?"

Yeah, THAT didn't happen. I know I need to jump back into this blog thing, so I'll start with the Lost Blog Posts, and then play catch up.

This is Lost Blog Post, Part I: Prom.

A long, long time ago I promised you all a post about Prom and Graduation, and I never posted it. (I need to take after Quinn more, that girl is a blogging fiend.) Well, here you go!

Prom first. How to explain Prom in American Samoa? Well, for starters, the only thing it really had in common with my prom was the fancy clothes and the "Promenade" part. My prom went like this: wear pretty dress. Go to high school auditorium. Walk across stage in pretty dress with date. Go to country club and PAAAAAAARTY! Dance the night away. Leave prom and go do stuff you shouldn't do. (I'm looking at you, Gregory Bean, and your idea to skinny dip in the Clarion River.)

Prom in American Samoa went like this for the students: Get pretty dress made or sent from Off-Island. Go to high school gym. Walk across stage with date. Dance while ALL YOUR PARENTS AND FAMILY WATCH YOU. It's crazy. I can't imagine if my parents would have watch me dancing at prom. I can't think that they would have approved. Then after maybe a half hour of dancing, everyone goes home. Of course, I wasn't with them the whole night, so who knows what happens after. I know for a fact some of them were drunk at prom. Just like I know for a fact that some kids were drunk at my prom, and probably every prom in the history of time.

I should, of course, mention the AWESOME shiny shirts the boys are so fond of in Samoa. Seriously. Green satin. WIN.

Quinn, Abby and I's American Samoan Prom went like this: Get dressed up. Debate pros and cons of Quinn's sweater cover up thing. Debate whether my dress is too short for prom (this is the dress I wore for my sister's wedding, so it's wasn't indecent. But after a year of ankle length dresses, you get a little self conscious showing your legs). Try to find ride. Usual ride is lame and already at prom (ACE...). Debate whether we can walk in the pouring rain without ruining our look. Go over to host family's house and ask son in law for ride. Get to high school. Sit at table where everyone's parents stare at us (palagis!). Freak out about how adorable our kids look all gussied up. Take a MILLION pictures with students. Get ride home from Abby's BF (by the way...thanks, Tala, for all those rides this year.)

Anyway, Prom was fun, but it was less a dance and more just a chance to show off all dressed up. But as with everything, we three had a blast. Even if we did have to dance the Cupid Shuffle for the 1500th time.


Thug Life. (Dave and Panweichi rockin the baby blue.)

One of my best girls, Mary Ann. She is so beautiful.

It's Electric!

Me and one of my girls, Fatima. She had that dress made on island.

Always gotta throw up the signs.

My buddy Fale!

Satin Swagger.

Best Leone WorldTeachers ever? I think so!

Q and A and their gangstas.

Justin and I

Love this girl.

The one and only Aladdin.

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